Can You Drink Coffee Creamer? All You Should Know


The answer to the question, can you drink coffee creamer can have a variety of responses depending on your dietary restrictions, the quantity in question, as well as your body’s limits in drinking creamer.

Let’s take a look at what coffee creamer is.  Then we’ll get into the pros and cons of coffee creamer as well as frequently asked questions relating to the topic.

drinking coffee creamer
drinking coffee creamer

What is Coffee Creamer?

Coffee creamer is a type of processed dairy or non-dairy product that’s used to alter the flavor of coffee or tea and make it creamier.  It has added sugar and calories and does not contain real milk or actual cream.

It comes in a variety of flavors and consistencies such as liquid or powdered, as well as is long term shelf stable or should be fully refrigerated for proper storage.

There are several coffee creamer brands on the market and popular brands include Coffee mate among others.

How Does Coffee Creamer Taste?

Coffee creamer’s flavor will vary depending on the type of coffee creamer you choose to use as well as artificial flavorings. But the overall idea of using coffee creamer is to minimize the bitter aspects of the coffee and make it taste creamier.

pouring creamer
pouring creamer

The job of flavored coffee creamer is to alter the flavor of your coffee and make it taste more like the flavor of the creamer. For example, when hazelnut coffee creamer is added to coffee, it makes the coffee taste more like hazelnut. The coffee creamer tastes like its own flavoring.

Who Should Use Coffee Creamer?

Anyone who drinks coffee or tea can potentially use coffee creamer to slightly alter the flavor of their coffee drink. It helps to add more of a creamy aspect while also toning down the bitter flavor that is prominent to especially new coffee drinkers. 

If you have dietary restrictions, but still want to use coffee creamer, chances are there is already a coffee creamer on the market that will accommodate your restrictions.

Ingredients in Coffee Creamer

The ingredients in store-bought coffee creamer will vary depending on the particular brand as well as how it’s manufactured and processed.

Most store-bought coffee creamer includes ingredients such as water, partially hydrogenated soy-bean oil, sugar or corn syrup, cellulose gum, sodium caseinate, phosphate, mono diglycerides, and cellulose gel.

The important thing to keep in mind is that coffee creamer is a process or manufactured product and generally includes no cream at all.

Varieties of Coffee Creamer

There are so many options for coffee creamer, it almost seems that in reality the sky’s the limit.

Liquid. Liquid coffee creamers are typically stored in the refrigerated freezer section of the grocery store. They are as the name indicates, liquid in form. They’re manufactured in a variety  of flavors with various features.

Powdered. Powdered coffee creamers are great because they have a longer shelf life. Like liquid creamers they can go bad but can be stored for several months under the proper storage conditions compared to a few weeks like the liquid versions.

Flavored. It seems that there are so many different flavors available for coffee creamer that every flavor under the sun is available. If you like to add flavor in your coffee or give it some variety, try out a new flavor of creamer.

Sugar free. If you’re diabetic or wanting to consume less sugar, look for sugar-free creamers. They’re usually made with artificial sweeteners for added flavor.

Fat free. Fat free options are designed for those who strive for lower calories and less fat. And there are so many varieties, brands, and flavors available in fat free.

Non-milk-based creamers. Non-dairy creamers are a great option for those who are lactose intolerant or dairy free eaters and can’t consume dairy products. Dairy-free coffee creamer provides a solution that’s similar without compromising one’s health.

Substitutes for Coffee Creamer

There are many substitutes for coffee creamer. In fact, we personally prefer the substitutes over the real thing, just because they don’t carry all the preservatives and chemicals.

Heavy whipping cream, half and half, and whole milk are some of the best substitutes for coffee creamer. Although they don’t add the same sugar content that creamer does, they are more effectively creamy in flavor and texture in most cases.

We consider these substitutes to be a healthier option even though they’re derived from animal products. They contain a fat content as well as healthy fats that can be beneficial.

You also won’t achieve the same flavor addition that’s possible with all the different flavor variations in bottled coffee creamer, when using a substitute.

How Do You Use Coffee Creamer?

Now that you know about coffee creamer, the different varieties, and substitutes, let’s look at a brief instructional for how to use coffee creamer.

To use coffee creamer, add the desired amount to your black coffee and give it a good stir. If using powdered coffee creamer, you’ll want to allow enough time for the powder to dissolve before consuming it. Then it’s ready to enjoy.

Coffee creamer can be used in recipes such as ice cream, smoothies, and baked goods.

Pros and Cons of Coffee Creamer

As is true with consuming most any foods, moderation is a good thing. And there are pros and cons when drinking coffee creamer, just as there are with any foods.

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using coffee creamer, and in this analysis of pros and cons we’re simply referring to coffee creamer that’s manufactured commercially and is sold as such.

This type of creamer typically includes several ingredients and includes preservatives and artificial flavors.   

latte art creamer
latte art creamer


The positive sides of using coffee creamer is that it improves the flavor of the coffee drink, keeps the coffee hotter, and it doesn’t curdle.


The down sides of drinking coffee creamer are that it’s high in calories, is made with artificial flavors and preservatives. Some health conscience individuals try to stay away from these ingredients because of the long-term effects on one’s health.

How Much Coffee Creamer Can You Drink in a Day?

The amount of coffee creamer you drink in a day depends on the tolerance level your body has for the product you choose to consume.

Although there is no set limit for how much you can consume in a day, we always recommend setting a limit because there are adverse health effects that can result in consuming too much coffee creamer.

And although it has become a trend to drink coffee creamer in large quantities by itself,  we don’t recommend it due to health problems that can be caused as a result.

Can You Drink Coffee Creamer by Itself?

What happens when you drink coffee creamer by itself? Technically speaking, there’s no reason why coffee creamer can’t be consumed by itself.

It’s readily available and you potentially can pour it into a glass to enjoy it or drink it straight from the package or bottle. This is becoming a trend. 

But just because you CAN do it, does that mean you SHOULD do it. Drinking large amounts of coffee creamer by itself is somewhat addictive and the creamy aspect makes people love it.

coffee creamer
coffee creamer

But there are several drawbacks that you’ll want to be aware of before starting this habit. The sugar content found in most coffee creamers is relatively high, not to mention all the chemicals found in some brands.

And consuming sugar can potentially cause tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease according to the American Heart Association, high cholesterol, or liver damage.

Is it Safe to Drink Expired Coffee Creamer?

It’s always a good practice to check the best-by date. If your creamer is expired, we don’t recommend using it.

If it’s spoiled harmful bacteria will grow and will cause illness. If it’s not too far past date, and doesn’t look, smell or taste spoiled, then it’s probably fine.

How Do You Know if Coffee Creamer Has Gone Bad?

If your coffee creamer has gone bad, chances are you’ll know by these key indicators and signs of spoilage. And if you suspect it’s gone bad, you shouldn’t risk eating it and should throw it away instead.

Smell. Go ahead and remove the lid of your coffee creamer and give it a big sniff.

If you notice a change in smell such as a rancid or sour odor, most likely your coffee creamer has gone bad. Throw it away instead of consuming it.

Taste. If your creamer tastes off in any way, has a sour flavor, or just doesn’t taste right, there’s no reason to risk using it.

It’s better to throw it away than to take the chance of the possibility of getting food poisoning.

Texture. Check the texture of your coffee creamer to see if it has become curdled, lumpy, or is slimy.  Any of these factors would also indicate spoilage. 

coffee creamer poured
coffee creamer poured

Appearance. Does the appearance seem off? Such as, is there discoloration or mold growing on the surface of the liquid or inside the container?

If the liquid mixture has a green tint, this can also indicate that the product has spoiled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to can you drink coffee creamer. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it to us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Is drinking coffee creamer okay?

Whether coffee creamer is okay to drink depends on your dietary restrictions. Coffee creamer is manufactured to be consumed.

However, if you’re a health conscience individual, you’ll want to forego drinking too much of it because the ingredients aren’t ones that are going to improve your health.

Creamer generally includes partially hydrogenated oil along with other chemicals and additives that aren’t good for you. Be sure to know what your consuming and use it moderation when doing so.

Can you drink coffee creamer like milk?

Technically speaking, yes you can drink coffee creamer like milk if you want to. There’s nothing stopping you. However, we don’t recommend it just because commercially manufactured coffee creamer is chock full of additives that aren’t good for you.

coffee creamer latte art
coffee creamer latte art

However, if you’re looking for a little something to add in your hot chocolate or tea now and then to give it an extra creamy flavor, then it probably won’t be too detrimental in smaller quantities.

Is drinking creamer good for you?

If you’re referring to the coffee creamer that is commercially manufactured, packaged, and sold as such, then it’s generally not good for you. Coffee creamer is heavily processed with sugar, oils, additives, and chemicals that are not healthy. 

Alternatives that are plant based such as coconut milk or almond milk are better options as are heavy cream which doesn’t include all the chemicals and oils.

How long is it safe to drink coffee with creamer?

Coffee creamer can be left out at room temperature if the temperature is between 40F degrees and 90F degrees for up to 2 hours.

If the room temperature is warmer than 90F degrees, then it’s only safe for the creamer to sit at room temperature for up to 1 hour.

After that your creamer is considered to have gone bad and should be thrown away.

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