Are Crayola Markers Vegan


Are Crayola Markers vegan? That’s a question that those who are environmentally conscience as well as those who care about animals are asking. We’ll answer that question along with providing a list of brands of art supplies that are vegan friendly.

crayola markers
crayola markers

What is Crayola?

Crayola is a United States based company that produces art and creative supplies such as markers, crayons, paints, colored pencils, clay, chalk, silly putty and more.

It’s known for its non-toxic products.

Are Crayola Markers Suitable for Vegans?

Crayola Crayons and Markers may not be toxic, but are they vegan? No, Crayola markers are not suitable for vegans as they’re produced using animal based stearic acid.

This makes them non-vegan.

Does Crayola Test Their Markers on Animals?

No, Crayola doesn’t test their markers or products on animals, but uses animal by products in their ingredients. 

Are Crayola Crayons Vegan?

No, Crayola Crayons are also made from stearic acid that’s derived from animal fat.

You know that distinctively beefy smell that’s apparent in Crayola Crayons? That’s where it comes from.

Group multicolored crayons
Group multicolored crayons

What are Crayola Markers Made From?

If you’re looking for a specific ingredient list for Crayola Markers, you won’t find it because Crayola keeps their full ingredient list top secret because they don’t want other companies copying their product.

While we can understand the proprietary value of the product, we also understand that parents want to know that the product is safe for their children and that it fits their lifestyle standards and criteria.

Are Crayola Markers Toxic?

No, Crayola indicates that all their markers are non-toxic. They have used an independent tester to determine toxicology.

The findings indicate that markers contain no known toxic substances in substantial quantities to be harmful to the human body.

Ingredients for Manufacturing Crayola Markers

Though we have established that the full ingredient list used for manufacturing Crayola Markers is proprietary, the company has disclosed that beef tallow and filler is used.

Are Crayola Markers Safe?

Are Crayola markers safe to eat?  While we don’t recommend eating them, it depends on your standards for safety for yourself and your family as to whether you’ll consider Crayola Markers safe.

Although they’re not vegan, they’re non-toxic if ingested or consumed.

boxed crayola markers
boxed crayola markers

The Distinctive Crayola Smell Is Beef Fat

One of the main reasons Crayola uses beef fat or beef tallow in their crayon products is because it’s the thing that gives the crayon its ideal waxy texture.

Beef fat is the source of stearic acid in Crayola crayons.

How Much Stearic Acid Goes into Crayola Markers? 

While we searched to find an answer to the question of how much stearic acid goes into making Crayola Markers, the answer is unknown and is not available to the public as the complete ingredients used to make them are a secret.

Are Crayola Crayons and Markers Vegan?

No, neither one is vegan. Crayons and markers are both made with animal derived steric acid. 

colored markers
colored markers

Are Any Markers Vegan?

Since we know that the all popular and readily available Crayola markers aren’t vegan friendly, parents are interested in knowing if there are plant-based and vegan friendly products available for their children to use.

What are the best brands of vegan markers? Here are a couple of options.

Copic Markers. All Copic markers are vegan and cruelty free.

Chartpak Markers.  This company doesn’t tout itself as being vegan. However, it makes 2 varieties of vegan markers, ADmarkers and Spectra ADmarkers are both vegan.

What Are Crayola Markers Made of?

What is Crayola marker ink made of? It is not known exactly what Crayola Markers are made of. Their full ingredient list is kept a secret and is labeled as proprietary information.

We do know, however, that animal byproducts are included in making this product as their frequently asked question section of their website says that animal derived steric acid is used to make the product, making them not vegan friendly.

What Crayons Are Vegan?

Crayola seems to be the big guy in the market of crayons. If their products aren’t vegan, then what crayons are vegan?

What are the best brands of vegan crayons? We’ve done a bit of research and have found these brands to be vegan friendly. 

Faber Castell crayons
Melissa & Doug crayons
Colozoo crayons
Azafran crayons
Arteza crayons
Wee can too veggie baby crayons

You can find these brands available for purchase online as well as in some stores.

colorful pencils
colorful pencils

Are Crayola Markers Vegan? The Not So Innocent Side

Crayola markers are not vegan. Who would have thought that children’s art supplies would contain animal byproducts, but they do.

Although Crayola doesn’t disclose its full ingredient list because it’s considered to be proprietary, they do disclose that animal based steric acid is used in their production of markers. We know that steric acid comes from beef.

Do Crayola Markers Have Animal Fat in Them?

Are Crayola markers made of animals? Yes, Crayola discloses its markers are made with an animal-based steric acid and might also contain other animal byproducts.

Does Crayola Test on Animals? 

According to their Twitter page, Crayola indicates that they don’t test on animals. However, they include animal byproducts in their manufactured items.

Colorful marker pen set
Colorful marker pen set

How Crayola Markers Are Made

The process of how Crayola markers are made is quite interesting. They consist of 6 basic components, as follows:

Color solution


End plug

Plastic barrel

Ink reservoir

Porous plastic nib or marker tip

Though the ingredient list is a secret, the company states that most Crayola Markers are made from dyes and water.

The process of making markers includes the use of tiny plastic beads that are melted to make the marker barrels.

The barrels are screen printed with the Crayola brand name as well as the color.

Next, the end plug and ink reservoir are added to the barrel and the ink is added. The drawing tip is added.

Machines then sort the colors for packaging and adds them to the boxes and prepares them to be shipped to stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to are Crayola markers vegan. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it to us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Are Copic markers vegan?

Yes, Copic markers have confirmed that all their markers are vegan and cruelty-free.

Are Sharpie markers vegan?

It’s not known whether Sharpie markers are vegan as they don’t fully disclose their ingredient list.

But after researching the company, we believe that Sharpie products are more likely to be vegan than not.

Are Crayola colored pencils vegan?

It doesn’t appear that Crayola colored pencils are vegan. Though Crayola doesn’t fully disclose their ingredient list, they do say that they’re using products that are animal derived.

Is Crayola chalk vegan?

According to their website, Crayola manufactures two kinds of chalk. They produce extruded chalk intended for chalkboards and molded sidewalk chalk.

The extruded chalk contains calcium carbonate while the sidewalk chalk doesn’t. Crayola doesn’t disclose its full ingredient list for chalk.

Are black Crayola markers vegan?

No, all of Crayola markers are made with animal byproducts, including the black ones. Black Crayola markers are not vegan.

Are Crayola washable markers vegan?

No, Crayola washable markers are not vegan.

Are Expo Markers Vegan?

According to the ingredient list on their website, Expo markers are not made with vegan ingredients, but there is a potential that their production involves animal cruelty.

Are Crayola whiteboard markers vegan?

No, Crayola products are not vegan.

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